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As a company that handles private data submitted to us by EU data subjects we observe the full ramifications of EU privacy law...
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We are committed to the responsibilities placed on us as a processor of data and observant of the eight primary rights guaranteed by the GDPR. 1. The Right to Be Informed 2. The Right of Access 3. The Right to Rectification 4. The Right to Erasure 5. The Right to Restrict Processing 6. The Right to Data Portability 7. The Right to Object 8. The Right to Avoid Automated Decision-Making Any personal data entered into your profile in registration or later is to allow for efficent communication between you and your peers or between you and us as a company. Details relevant to your diet are stored at your convenience. -Given name -Family name -Email -Language -Gender -Age -Weight -Height -Exercise target -Exercise intensity Any personal data imported from an external account (such as a Google account) will only be persistently saved at your own discretion upon filling out the registration form. Authenticating with an external account (such as a Google account) allows you to register more easily and use the app without having to pick a password. Some log data on your usage of the app will be stored in order for us to improve our services. Be assured that the protection of your personal data is held up to industry standards. If there are any questions regarding EU privacy law, you can find all the answers at If you have any other questions, please direct them to info(at)
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